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generate leads easily

Landing page are very specific pages, designed to get visitors exactly what they want with the least amount of friction possible. You need these to turn visitors into leads.

Collect Prospect Demographics

The idea of the landing page is that your visitors must “pay” you in information in order to get access to an offer. On the landing page, visitors must fill out a form. Though the information you request will vary, most of it will encompass contact information and demographics.

Track Data

You can track and analyze landing page data to better understand how well your marketing offers are performing. You can compare data from various offers to see what’s working and what isn’t, so you can optimize your marketing.

Remove Distractions and Friction

A landing page inspires specific action from your prospects and visitors. If you were to send your visitors to your website’s home page, they could take a wide variety of actions, from checking out your blog to reading about your history.

Test and Optimize

You can run tests on almost every element on the landing page. You can test images, headlines, copy, and form fields to see what’s getting people to convert and what’s stopping them from converting.

Use Social Proof

People are more likely to convert if they see other people like them have already found value in your offer. Include testimonials, videos, names, pictures and titles of people who have received your content and loved it. This is going to improve your conversion rates dramatically and make the page look that more inviting.


lite - 490 €

Responsive, SEO optimized, and plenty integrations WordPress one-page landing website with up to 13 sections.

plus - 690 €

Responsive, SEO optimized, and plenty integrations WordPress one-page landing website with up to 13 sections.
+ Ecommerce integration

premium - 1490 €

Responsive, SEO optimized, and plenty integrations WordPress one-page landing website with up to 13 sections.
+ Ecommerce integration
+ 3 months of Ad Management Service

how to order your landing website


1st step

Scroll down to see the Order Form.


2nd step

Fill up our order form and mark the package, that you would like to order.


3rd step

We will soon contact you and have a consultation with you about your exact needs. We also send you a contract, that you will need to sign electronically.


4th step

After signing the contract and paying the 50% deposit the process begins, we will be in close contact with you until the masterwork is ready for you to use.


5th step

Once the website is ready, you pay the other 50% and the website will be yours to use. We give you the necessary training to get the most out of your new landing page based website.


6th step

We can also support you with other services afterwards, based on your needs, as we are an agency that offers complex solutions. If you choose the premium pack, you can already enjoy these benefits.


lite - 490 €

Responsive, SEO optimized, and plenty integrations WordPress one-page landing website with up to 13 sections.

plus - 690 €

Responsive, SEO optimized, and plenty integrations WordPress one-page landing website with up to 13 sections.
+ Ecommerce integration

premium - 1490 €

Responsive, SEO optimized, and plenty integrations WordPress one-page landing website with up to 13 sections.
+ Ecommerce integration
+ 3 months of Ad Management Service

see what our clients have to say​


"I got to know about the existence of landing pages through Janelif Marketing Agency. They built me plenty different ones for several different target markets and campaigns. They always create smart ones, based on marketing knowldege, so I can truly rely with my digital marketing on them."


"The Janelif Marketing Agency did not only create my website, but helped me undestand the whole system of digital marketing. They even empowered me, so apart from their technical and knowledge based help I am even able to work on my marketing content on my own. The systems they build are always client-friendly, they even teach us how to make the most out of our investments."


"Janelif Marketing Agency helped me rethink my whole branding design and gave me the best digital marketing presence. All i need to focus on is my work as a videographer and cinematographer. I work in the creative field as well, so i understand how important it is to find the right team for creative projects."

get a completely custom landing website

We create your landing website entirely based on your branding design. This means we use your brands colours, typography and style.

get everything at one place

We don't just design your website, but we build it too. Apart from that we also make it possible for it to work as a digital marketing machine. We include the necessary integrations and do the registrations, so that you can track data, get newsletter subscribers, have your custom email addresses, etc.

get additional support

We are equipped to help you in running ad campaigns, manage your website, do your social media marketing. Whatever help you require in digital marketing, we are here for you.

Who needs a landing page based website?

if you are a driven self-employed entrepreneur

You need a website, that says it all. Without distractions you need to tell the most important information about you to your target audience and you need them to convert. This could mean for them to contact you, book an appointment with you or buy your product/service right away.

if you have a small business with big goals

Get the most effective website for your service or product. In fact, make sure it’s possible to order and even purchase them right away. Do not give headache to your customer – everybody loves convenient solutions. As a small business owner you must focus your energy and resources. This is how you make the most out of it, without wasting any of them.

This Is Our

creative Team

Our team members are responsible for web development, graphic design, market research, ad & social media management, copywriting and sales.

frequently asked questions

No. We ask that you select a hosting provider of your choice. Some potential hosting providers are GoDaddyNetwork SolutionsBlueHost, Mhosting or really anywhere you like. Once you selected your provider, that will be the place we purchase your domain name and SSL certificate too.

Yes, in case you order them directly from this landing page. If you have some questions, we are happy to answer them, just write us an email:

On average, the design and build process takes between 4-12 weeks, but our offer is to give you a new website in only 2 weeks until the end of 2020.

Our company is based in Hungary. Our address is: 4025 DebrecenSimonffy utca 4-6, fszt. 41.

No, we are specifically offering landing page based websites, which means, that there will be only one, but detailed and effective landing page on your website, apart from the necessary pages, which are the Privacy policy and Terms and Conditions ones. If you are interested in websites which have more than one page, please contact us:

No, it only covers our management costs. Please note, that there will be additional ad costs as well, billed directly from Google and Facebook.

We could, but it’s not necessary for us to meet at your building. The wonders of technology (emails, phone calls, and video conferencing) allow us to successfully work together even if we are several time zones apart. No matter where you are located, we are committed to maintaining a close working relationship throughout the project.

Yep. Once the new website is launched, we will install Google Analytics for you, which will automatically record information about your website’s visitors. Or, if you already have a Google Analytics account, we can copy the tracking code from the old website and add it to the new one.

Definitely. We build all of our websites using WordPress, an online, open-source content management system. There is a reason why WordPress is the most popular platform around. It’s user-friendly and easy to learn. If you have experience using Microsoft Word, you’ll be able to quickly pick up WordPress.

Also, we provide you and your team with a pre-recorded training. We are committed to ensuring that you’ll be knowledgable and comfortable using your new website.

Yes. You are welcome to give us a call or reach out at any time. We don’t just build your website and then disappear. We are happy to answer any questions or fix something that breaks. However, large scale design or development updates are billed at a monthly rate. Please know that we would never perform work on your website without first discussing the scope of the work and receiving your approval to proceed.

Well, chances are, if you are asking this question, then you probably know the answer. Website design moves fast. Your organization or business may not need the most cutting edge website, but its design should feel relevant and fresh. If your website is more than 5 years old, then the answer is most likely, yes, it’s time for a redesign. Also, if you don’t like the look of your website, why should your viewers feel any different?

Absolutely! Granted, as we design websites, we may be a bit biased, but trust us – a good website makes a big difference. Within seconds of landing on your website, visitors are making snap-judgment decisions about your organization or business. Interest is potentially solidified or dismissed. Think of your website as akin to the role curbside appeal plays in selling a home. It doesn’t directly sell the house, but it encourages people to give the house a chance. A great website inspires visitors to imagine themselves using your business or supporting your organization or business. It has the power to help you grow and thrive. We’ve seen it happen again and again.

why choose us

Choose us if you support companies that work for higher goals. We stand for equality, diversity and education.

This is where you can order

We ask you some questions alongside with your order, so that we understand your field better. Do not worry if you do not know how to answer some of these questions, as we will find your answer together eventually. This form helps us in being effective right away and this is how we can prepare our first video call.

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