how can we help you?

we are your international help center in Hungary.


educational tourism.

We help you with the process of enrolling into universities in Hungary. We guide you about the right choices, give you all the necessary information and help you with your documents.

employment in Hungary.

Are you still studying and you need a part-time student job? Or you already graduated, and it’s time for you to get the best job opportunity? You might not know, but you actually might have opportunities in Hungary too. This is where we come in and guide you, based on true experience and plenty references.

business services.

In case you are planning to establish a company in Hungary, or you would like to create an association, we are here to help you. We provide you with trustable legal and bookkeeping help, apart from giving you advice about the certain local environment. We are your right hand and we are also ready to represent you.

our strength.

Being part of the international community in Hungary, we get approached by many individuals with different needs. We have been helping internationals in Hungary for plenty years now, and we are proud to say, that this is how we developed a wide range of services that help them.

We know how hard it is to progress in a foreign country, especially when there are serious language barriers and significant cultural differences. This is why our agency exists – we are able to help you in different matters as a foreigner in Hungary.

legal representation
business services
deep understanding of Hungary
educational and employment system in Hungary
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